Dogs at the market

Etiquette for dog owners at the City Market Downtown

Dogs are NOT permitted at the farmers’ market when we are inside City Hall for the indoor season (mid-October to mid-May). Edmonton’s City Hall is a public building and dogs (other than service dogs) and animals are not permitted inside the building.

During our outdoor season on 104th Street (mid-May to mid-October), the City Market Downtown does not prohibit dogs from the market area. ¬†However, we do encourage dog owners to abide by rules of etiquette to ensure our farmers’ market is an enjoyable experience for customers and vendors.

  • Dogs are not allowed in the stall areas at any time and must be kept away from food samples, customers’ shopping bags and table surfaces where customers are eating.
  • Please watch your dog at all times and curb its behaviours should it bark, snarl or snap at customers or other dogs in the market area. Aggressive dogs and their owners will be asked to leave the market.
  • Please keep your dog on a short, non-expandable leash and close to you at all times. Long leashes present a tripping hazard and minimize the necessity to maintain control over the dog at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for keeping their pets hydrated, cleaning up after them and ensuring they pee and poo outside the market area whenever possible.
  • Not all our customers are dog lovers. Please be courteous of their preference to enjoy their day at the City Market without any interaction with dogs.

Why dogs are allowed at the City Market Downtown when it is outdoors on 104th Street

Like their owners, many dogs visit the City Market Downtown on 104th Street to enjoy the socializing opportunity the market offers. Because our market operates in an urban setting, we have very little control, authority and manpower to enforce a ‘No Dogs’ policy. We frequently receive comments that leashes present a tripping hazard and that it is unhygienic to have dogs around food. However, it is the City Market Downtown’s position to not prohibit dogs in the market area for the following reasons:

  • 104th Street is a public street where dogs on leashes and under control are not normally prohibited by the City of Edmonton.
  • Some residents living above the City Market Downtown have dogs and must walk them through our farmers’ market to get to and from their homes. We cannot allow those dogs and prevent others.
  • Vendors are not allowed to bring dogs to the market and there are no dogs allowed in the stalls.
  • Under Alberta Health Services (AHS) regulations, all food must be covered, which minimizes contamination from all sources including dogs.
  • Food vendors are licensed by AHS, but AHS has no regulation or authority that would prevent dogs from visiting the market.
  • Even if AHS had the authority to establish a no dog rule, the inspectors do not have the capacity to enforce it.
  • The City Market Downtown is licensed by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and there is nothing in the licensing regulations concerning the presence of dogs at a market.
  • The City Market Downtown is not aware of any regulation which would require it to enforce a no-dog policy at our farmers’ market.
  • The City Market Downtown provides information to dog owners about appropriate etiquette and animal control issues, and will take action to remove dangerous or poorly behaved animals.
  • Finally, many city and farm folk have dogs in their homes and there is little evidence that their presence in these intimate situations cause a significant health hazard to healthy adults or children.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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