January 13, 2018 Feature Vendors

Each week we will be showcasing two of our amazing vendors at City Market Downtown in City Hall. The first 20 shoppers who make a purchase of at least $5 at one of the Feature Vendor booths will receive $5 City Market Bucks to spend that day at the market. This is a great opportunity to try something new at the market with your City Market Bucks!

Brio Bakery

Todd Barraclough started baking in 2006 because he was searching for truly great bread. After nearly a decade his baking turned into an obsession—he attended the San Francisco Baking Institute in 2013, and again in 2015, where he learned his craft and developed his own wild yeast. In 2015, he founded Brio Bakery. Brio Bakery makes bread by hand in an Old-World artisanal style, a style used by bakers for thousands of years. They call it “pain au levain” or sometimes “sourdough,” but it isn’t like the sour-tasting San Francisco-style sourdough loaves you might have tried, in fact it isn’t sour at all. The name comes from the way the bread is leavened.

All of Brio’s bread starts with their levain, which is just flour and water that is fermented. For their signature Prairie Loaf, they just add more water, more flour, and salt to make their dough. For their other breads, they add extra ingredients, like olives or raisins. Once the dough is made, it’s folded by hand, divided, shaped and allowed to rise. Once it has risen, it is scored, quickly steamed and then baked. Altogether, the process takes between thirty and forty hours—it’s worth it when you taste it.

In addition to artisanal breads, Brio specializes in viennoiserie. Viennoiserie is a French style of baking with roots in Vienna, and includes croissants, pain au chocolate and brioche. Viennoiserie is special: the dough is folded over and over again so that when it’s baked, all the layers expand into a light, flaky treat. And, just so you know, they only use organic flour in their breads and viennoiserie.

Follow Brio Bakery online!

Facebook:  @Briobread
Twitter: @BrioBakery
Instragram: brio.bakery
Website:  briobakery.com
Email: info@briobakery.com

The first 20 customers to make a purchase at Brio Bakery” booth on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018 will each receive $5 in City Market Bucks towards their next vendor purchase at the market on Saturday.


Fruits of Sherbrooke

Fruits of Sherbrooke is a not for profit group that ‘rescues’ urban fruit that is not being picked by homeowners.  They create unique jams, jellies, condiments and sauces where 60% to 100% of the fruit used in each product is ‘rescued’.  The flavours highlight the fruit and often have wonderful creative twists.  There are always 3 jars of product open for sampling so drop by to see what is new each week so you know what to buy when you are ready.

Fruits of Sherbrooke is a local enterprise that gives back to the community by offering job experience, volunteer opportunities and sharing excess fruit.  Over the past 2 years they have made and donated over 27,000 individual apple snacks to the E4C school snack programs in high needs schools.  This year they are working closely with the hunger program in 4 specific schools.  Check the website or social media for more information


Follow them online!

Email: sales@fruitsofsherbrooke.ca
Website: www.fruitsofsherbrooke.ca
Facebook: FruitsofSherbrooke
Twitter: fruitsherbrooke
Instagram: fruitsherbrooke

The first 20 customers to make a purchase at Fruits of Sherbrooke” booth on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018 will each receive $5 in City Market Bucks towards their next vendor purchase at the market on Saturday.

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