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Mohair mittens

Her yarns, mittens and toques are a hallmark sign of the City Market Downtown. But did you know that Glennis Tober of Spring Harvest Farm also sells goat meat? Learn what life is like raising angora goats and the time and love she brings to her animals and the wide range of products they offer.

What kind of products does Spring Harvest Farm sell?

I sell a variety of products:
– raw mohair and washed mohair and mohair roving for hand spinners and felters
– various mohair and wool blends of yarns for knitters and crocheters
– hand knit mohair thrummed mitts and hats
– knit and woven mohair shawls
– mohair/wool blankets
– goat meat (certified Halal) in the form of stew meat, chops, steaks, roasts, ribs

What is it like to raise angora goats? Is removing their Mohair a lot of work?

Livestock farming, regardless of the animal is always a lot of work. The goats require daily attention and maintenance. We shear our goats twice a year, spring and fall, and it usually takes three whole days to shear and sort the fibre. But the goats always feel better after, so it’s worth all the hard work.

For those that have never tried goat meat, what is it like?

Goat meat is a delicious, healthy red meat. The taste is similar to beef but with a lower fat content so no guilt involved! It cooks up quickly and makes a great substitute for beef or mutton in any of your favorite recipes.

Why do you like selling at the City Market Downtown?

The downtown market offers a unique opportunity for small producers to market their products to a diverse group of people. The atmosphere is always upbeat and energetic and I get to talk to people from all walks of life about my products.

What inspired you to become a farmers’ market vendor?

I believe that local producers are the wave of the future. People are becoming more in touch with where their lifestyles originate from. I feel it’s important to stand behind my products and remove the middleman from the situation. Small business enterprises are the backbone of our economy and I am proud to be able to represent my business in such a direct manner.

What is your best selling product?

One of my best selling items is my hand dyed yarns. I have the yarns spun for me and then I dye the skeins myself. I get great joy out of creating the many colour combinations that I sell. I use these yarns to hand knit my thrummed mitts and hats that everyone finds so warm and cozy.

What are the biggest rewards and the challenges in having a farm and raising livestock?

The satisfaction of being my own boss and being able to determine the future of my business is a great reward in having my own farm. Also, I greatly enjoy working one on one with the animals and love being able to work out in the fresh Alberta air. Certainly farming has its challenges. The Alberta climate makes each day different as I battle freezing cold temperatures and scorching heat in an effort to keep my animals comfortable.

Do you have a memorable, unique or funny story about selling at the City Market Downtown?

Having a market outside on the street has made for some interesting days. There have been moments when tents have sailed away and we have had to scramble to catch them. We have had some wonderful hot summer days and some rather cool days. Each Saturday is a memorable occasion full of laughs and smiles. To pick one would be cheating the extraordinary experience that is the downtown Farmers’ Market.

What are your future dates at the City Market Downtown at City Hall?

I will be at City Market the following Saturdays:
Oct 29, Nov 12, 26, Dec 10, 17
Jan 14, 28, Feb 1, 25
Starting in March, I will be at the Market full time

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  • Glennis Tober

    Very pleased to have my farm included in this blog.

    I can be contacted at:

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    November 10, 2011

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